Why Your eCommerce Business Needs WhatsApp Conversational Marketing ASAP

Why Your eCommerce Business Needs WhatsApp Conversational Marketing ASAP

With drastic changes in the online shopping world, running an eCommerce business has been become even more challenging than before. 

In this post, I'll discuss the growing challenges an eCommerce store faces, as well as how we can combat them using WhatsApp Conversational Marketing to bring profitable results to your business.

Cut-Throat Competition In The Growing Market

With the current change in the eCommerce buying behaviour, many consumers who didn't prefer buying online, have now shifted towards digital shopping, be it from daily essentials, apparels, to even grocery shopping. 

With the rising user demand, it is the need of the hour to cater to the uninterrupted flow of services around the clock. Catching up with the growing needs of buyers is one of the most important trends in the online eCommerce market.

That adoption of the online buying behavior, has skyrocketed in just three months which means ten years worth of growth has happened in just three months. So now more and more people are buying online.

This is a growing trend, that has emerged across the globe and a proven data from US. Because people are forced to be at their homes due to pandemic, they have gotten into this habit and most likely this online buying behaviour is not going to change.

Many offline businesses are now adopting online space and launching their own eCommerce stores leading to a cut-throat competition. With more number of eCommerce stores, people are going to spend more money on ads and ads spaces on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Tiktok, etc. are only going to get expensive.

It has only gone up in the past and skyrocketing very fast as well, and without doubt, it is not going to come down any time soon. With a competitive marketing, acquiring a customer has become ery expensive.

Retargeting Customers Has Become Difficult

We all know due to IOS 14-15 updates, people have been given an option to opt out from getting tracked. Naturally, they will opt out, leading to platforms like Facebook and Instagram performing poorly on retargeting campaigns.With the pixel that is also playing spoil sport too, the cost of acquisition has only been increasing since then.

While running paid ads, we are super dependent upon 3rd parties like Google as well, where we want browsers to capture our interested customer's data, collect them, and eventually retarget them. But we all know the unpredictable algorithm changes, which can heavily affect our businesses.

eCommerce Buying Behaviour Is Changing

We spend a fortune on paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, drive traffic to our eCommerce store, and then the website visitors are left on their own. They consume the content, check your products, check the price and buy things on their own. Now that's not a wise decision, because you're just hoping, and praying that they will buy. In this case, you just have your website doing the job.

Let's take another scenario, suppose you have an offline store. You have invested a good amount of money in the lighting, furniture, decoration and everything, and you also have stocked many products in your offline shop.
After launching your business and keep it open for the general public to visit, will you let people just come in and shop on their own, or will you have a salesman there?

Naturally, we will hire a salesman who will be there to welcome new visitors, guide them through the shop, answer their queries, recommend suitable products, and help them buy it. But when it comes to the online store, why don't we have a salesman there?

Now Its Possible to Have a 24/7 Salesperson On Your Online Store

So, typically we should be having a salesperson to address queries on our eCommerce store and also, have a live chat or a human rep behind the scenes as a backup. But then, there can be a case, where there are 1000s of visitors on your store, how can a human rep handle this amount of traffic and usually its the same queries every other visitor asks. It is impossible to give support around the clock. 

Due to which, you would require to automate services on your shop like the general FAQs with the help of chatbots. And the good news is, the most used messaging platform WhatsApp, has come up with a chatbot feature. 

Provide An Exceptional Service And Make Your Customers Return Back To Your Store

With the help of WhatsApp, we can now build chatbots on our online store, engage with our new visitors, guide interested customers, clarify their doubts, and build real-time conversations with them. Once they trust the brand and have confidence on us, closing the sale becomes very easy.

For the first time ever, this gives us the incredible power to take control of the buying behaviour. 

Bringing huge traffic to our website through paid ads and solving each and every query can be dealt at scale with the help of chatbots. By adding a few automations, they can be serving your customers 24/7 throughout the year without the waiting hassle of a human rep.

That's the power of WhatsApp Conversational Marketing.

WhatsApp Conversational Marketing is Not Spamming Your Customers With Bulk Messaging

Anywhere you go on the internet, there are self-proclaimed WhatsApp gurus encouraging you to scrape any 'stranger's' phone number and send a WhatsApp blast to thousands of people at once. This is plain spamming. Don't do that.

This is completely opposite to WhatsApp Conversational Marketing.

You need to have real-time conversations with your customers who have reached out to your brand, answer their queries, cater to their interests, give them a personal recommendation, and eventually build that trust with them. This is the true meaning of 'WhatsApp Conversational Marketing'.

Benefits of WhatsApp Conversational Marketing

There are four areas that can be impacted by implementing conversational marketing for your business with the help of WhatsApp chatbots.

1) The Marketing Channel

Solving frequently asked questions instantly, recommending products, personalizing query based upon the customer's interests, and navigating a customer with the exact query, can help solve the matter right then and there and this builds a lot of confidence and awareness within the customer relating to your product.

Sometimes, some queries that cannot be addressed by a bot, a human representative can interevene any time and take over.

2) The Sales Channel

Once they trust your brand, the sale happens. They proceed with purchasing the product. This is where a WhatsApp chatbot helped solve a customer's query instantly and encouraged him/her to buy the product.

With both these channels, the cost for acquiring a customer reduces.

3) The Customer Service Channel

We can also provide an exceptional customer service with quick replies. Once the product reaches the customer, they will be having questions pertaining to their product. They can just open WhatsApp, find the brand's official phone number and go ahead type their query. 

These chatbots can be available to thm 24/7, and some queries, if they're not addressable by the chatbot then a human can take over and can address them.

With one instant message on WhatsApp, a problem can be solved. Imagine they need not call the call center, wait for hours and hours, and get their problem solved. This way, a good shopping experiene can impact a business in a powerful way.

4) Repeat Sales

We all know, once we had a good shopping experience, we don't mind going back to the store to buy more. Similarly, if they are happy with the customer experience, your product is also good. They can go ahead and place repeat orders, not on your website, but again through WhatsApp.

Imagine how powerful the entire buyer journey and the customer lifecycle is changing influenced by WhatsApp. 

It's Time To Take Control Of Conversations
And Turn Them into Conversions

I have been implementing WhatsApp Conversational Marketing for our clients and the results have been incredible.

Their businesses have gotten an amazing transformation directly propotional to its profitability and increasing average order value due to repeat orders. 

The 4 different channels that I mentioned in this blog can benefit your eCommerce business using AI-driven WhatsApp chatbots.

With WhatApp Conversational Marketing, you can be infront of your customers at every stage of their buying journey, boost sales, and reduce the expensive CPAs. This is eventually going to increase your average order value and also your lifetime customer value.

Increase Your eCommerce Store's Profitablity With WhatsApp Conversational Marketing

Stay ahead of the game and beat your competitions with WhatsApp.

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