How to upsell and cusing Feedback-Based Broadcast Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Broadcast For Business: How to Upsell Using Feedback-Based Broadcast Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Broadcast For Business: How to Upsell Using Feedback-Based Broadcast Messages on WhatsApp


Feedback Broadcast Messages is a mindblowing WhatsApp Conversational Marketing Strategy and is a must have for eCommerce businesses.If you are an ecommerce business owner or a marketer looking to send bulk messages to your customer list, this article is for you.

In some time, we'll dive into deep into WhatsApp broadcasting. But before that, let's understand something.

Don't Spam Your Customers On WhatsApp

A fundamental principle about WhatsApp is that, it is a two way communication platform. 

WhatsApp has given its official API, and is allowing people to send broadcast messages. WhatsApp does not have any problem with businesses using their platform to broadcast messages. But they strictly restrict spamming people. 

Hence, your ultimate goal should be to use WhatsApp to initiate a conversation with your customer or potential buyer.         Start a conversation and not spam them with promotional messages.

Check out our blog and enlighten yourself on how to not get banned on whatsapp.

In this post, I am going to reveal what feedback message WhatsApp broadcast is, how it works and how you can use it to improve your sales.

Feedback MessageWhatsApp Broadcast Feature

The finest spot to start a conversation is with your existing clients.

We have real case studies that we are already implementing with our clients for a few months now. So, here’s what we do. 

We take the information from previous consumers.

Let's assume we're in November today, simply for the sake of argument.

Then, I'll collect information of customers who made a purchase from the business in September and post it to the WhatsApp Marketing platform like AiSensy or Zoko. These are fantastic instruments for sending out these broadcast campaigns.

We upload our clients' data and know exactly what products they bought. And then send them a note:

'Hello customer name, you had purchased our XYZ Product a month ago. Could you please tell us about your experience? We'd love to hear from you…', and hand them three buttons to press. Namely, I am very happy, I'm satisfied and I'm not satisfied.

Mentioning the name of the product they purchased gives a personalized touch to the message and customers are more likely to react to the message. And when people are presented with a number of buttons, it's natural for them to click on any of them.It's a straightforward poll in this scenario.

Now, when people click on the two buttons, I'm very happy and I'm satisfied, it implies that they have a positive feeling about the product. We'll set up a Chatbot at that point, which will automatically and promptly thank them for their input as in the image above. The bot will reply with appreciation for the feedback and it will subtly make an offer.

So, in this example, it states that we are celebrating our fourth anniversary, and we have incredible deals and discounts, so please take advantage of them. Then it directs them to a link. People who click on it are taken to an offer page where people can purchase those items. 


Feedback Message Broadcast in a Nutshell

So, if you look at it, you'll notice that there are two components to it. We used the above message template to reach out to people, to initiate a discussion, and not to offer special deals or discounts. However, when someone initiates a discussion with you, you are free to do whatever you want in that response.

In a nutshell, you have complete control over the conversation you wish to have in response. But when it comes to sending them the first message, though, if you start the conversation, it should not be commercial, but rather conversational in nature. Isn't that the whole idea behind Conversational Marketing?


Beauty eCommerce Client Case Study

This is a stat for a beauty eCommerce client from September to November, where Feedback Message Broadcast was implemented. 

This campaign runs for a maximum of 2 to 3 days and we send out 5000 SMS per day in batches depending on the size of our consumer base.

And guess what? We generated 3.25 lakhs extra revenue from this WhatsApp Reorder Campaign. Generating extra revenue from existing clients signifies that their client lifetime value is also increasing!

The secret ingredient for this extra revenue is using WhatsApp as a communication tool for clever broadcast function and not just as a medium. Furthermore, the cost of sending these communications is negligible. 

So, folks, this is insane ROI.

When you send a WhatsApp broadcast message in the right manner, the spikes can be seen [Image above]. And the spikes are those 2-3 days when the campaign is live. Those are the days the brand gets extra revenue every month. It is basically 12 months of extra revenue if you master this one strategy!


Increase Your eCommerce Store's Profitablity With WhatsApp Conversational Marketing

Stay ahead of the game and beat your competitions with WhatsApp.

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