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Digital Business

Creation Toolkit

All the time-saving tools and resources to launch, grow, and scale your Digital Business

Here are the resources that either I have tested for Alpha Marketer or received recommendations from trusted friends in the industry who have tested them for their business. This is the ultimate collection of best tools and resources that I have found essential to launch and grow my online business.

Antony Chacko

Founder of Alpha Marketer

Antony Chacko

Tools To Build Online Presence And Branding

Create stunning landing pages with super-fast loading speed. The best  web hosting platform and website builder tool. It easily connects to other email marketing services, CMS, payment gateway, and more.

Email marketing platform that helps me build and manage my audience list. I can automate messages and send personalized emails every time a contact subscribes to my program.

It is a simple social media management tool. This tool helps create content quickly, and conveniently. It also recommends the best time to post content and schedule it accordingly.

WhatsApp Marketing Software

An online tool that you can use to build and optimise chatbots for your business. No coding skills required. Send broadcast messages for order confirmation, abandoned carts etc.

An online tool that is alternative to Wati. Includes all features of Wati from a single WhatsApp number with multiple agents option.

Tools For Productivity

A CRM tool to manage projects, assign tasks to team members, share files, create proposals, and send invoices.

This tool helps me book appointments or meetings with my clients priorly.

It is a simple social media management tool. This tool helps create content quickly, and conveniently and schedule it.

Tools to Edit Images and Videos

Great option for screen recordings and editing videos. User-friendly tool that doesn’t require any technical skills. Just hit the camera to record.

This tool automatically generates subtitles to your video in any language. You can edit, trim, add any new text overlay and many other features.

A chrome extension tool that easily captures screenshots of a particular part of a page or the entire landing page with a single click of a button.

Canva makes it a breeze to design ads, thumbnails, banners, and other social media posts with its simple 
drag and drop features.

Tools to Host Videos Online

Top-most video hosting platform. With faster uploads, it helps me connect with a greater audience, expands my reach, and accelerates my business.

This tool automatically generates subtitles to your video in any language. You can edit, trim, add any new text overlay and many other features.

Payment Gateways

An online platform that connects your bank account to your customer’s payment portal. It helps receive payments, has low transaction fees, and all payment modes enabled including credit/debits cards and net banking.

An alternative platform to Instamojo. It has easy integration along with realtime dashboard reporting. It has all features like Instamojo and ensures secure payments and transactions.

Tools to Shoot High-Quality Videos


Be it for creating courses for your online coaching business or for shooting your YouTube videos, these are some powerful tools which you need to invest on to create high-impact, crystal-clear, high-quality videos.

Whenever my students want to get into video creation or start teaching online, I get tons of questions
on "what equipment I use to record my videos, what software I use to edit them, and so on?"

So here it goes,

Tools to Shoot High-Quality Videos

Camera And Audio Equipment

Logitech C920

Logitech C920

High definition video

Easy to set-up

Noise cancellation feature

Staple clip mount

Best: It can quickly be installed on Top of a laptop/monitor, helps capture long video recording, and record stereo sound without needing extra audio equipment.

Logitech C930e

Logitech C930e

A little higher on price

90-degree extended view

Takes sharp photos and videos

Cancels out ambient noise

Best: It has a wider view angle, easily be mounted on the laptop/monitor, better video quality and very convenient to record a lesson even during night time.

AKG Lyra Microphone

AKG Lyra Microphone

High-resolution audio quality
Crystal-Clear Voice clarity
USB connector
Excellent for voice-over

Best: Ultra HD Microphone, easy to setup, perfect for podcasting, YouTube, recording vocals and instruments, game streaming, and conference calls.

Light Equipment

Godox Ring Light

Displays white light
Easy to assemble LED Light
Adjustable brightness

Best: Creates a shadowless effect and can easily be mounted. You can make light intensity adjustments.

ESS LED Back Light

Color-changing feature
Remote control
Adjustable brightness

Best: Different color tones provide colorful and bright illumination. Ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

Digitek 9ft Light Stand

Easy to assemble
Widely compatible

Best: A Light stand strong enough to hold most equipment, easy to carry, and smooth pan head.

Other Equipment

INNOWIN® Office Chair

High Back
Height Adjustable Arms
Depth Adjustable
Lumbar Support

Best: Ideal for people having height below 5ft 8 inches. One can receive proper back support, and hence there is no scope of back pain due to prolonged usages.


This page contains links and descriptions of the tools, software, and hardware we use at Alpha Marketer, for which some even have an affiliate link. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). 

You pay nothing extra.

These marketing tools have constantly been a support system to accelerate my business. With extensive experience and knowledge of these tools, I highly recommend them if you are too starting in this entrepreneurial journey in the digital world and help you avoid wasting time and money in choosing from the ocean of tools out there.

Please do not invest in these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you. 

The results will depend entirely on your work ethic, experience, and would suggest doing your due diligence and research.