How to Use WhatsApp Broadcast Feature the Right Way Without Getting Banned

How to Use WhatsApp Broadcast Feature the Right Way Without Getting Banned

This is one amazing feature of WhatsApp Conversational Marketing, that can generate some additional revenue every single month, for your eCommerce business. But there are people who don't understand it, and misuse this platform, and they get banned by Whatsapp.

Be it Black Friday sale, New Year, or any there special occasion sale, running sale campaigns are always expensive on social media campaigns especially competing with eCommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Are these ad campaigns eating up your profit margins?

How about running sale campaigns month after month using WhatsApp broadcasting and earn guaranteed extra revenue without,


running ad on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform.


being too pushy and getting blocked by your customer


the fear of getting banned by WhatsApp

In this post, I am going to reveal how you can earn extra revenue with WhatsApp broadcast messages to your customers at scale without spamming them. 

What is WhatsApp Broadcast Feature?

The concept of 'broadcasting' means there is one sender who is trying to send a message to multiple people at once.

Typically in the eCommerce space, the store uses platforms like Email and SMS to send a broadcast message and mostly promotional in nature. Whenever there is a sale happening on the store, whether it is a black friday sale, whether it is the Diwali sale, Christmas sale or whatever be the occasion, they send a promotional message, which is  a 'one- way' communication, they work very well and a lot of sales happens through it.

That's what you call broadcasting and since, we are doing it on WhatsApp, we refer it to as 'WhatsApp Broadcast' feature.

But because of that nature, many eCommerce stores misuse it. They keep sending countless broadcast messages every day, where some even go to the extent of scraping people's email and phone number from unknown sources and then upload them to an email marketing software or a SMS marketing software, and blast them as a Broadcast.

That's how these are being abused as a promotional medium and something that we should not be doing.

The idea should be to offer, but at the right limit and also have a good conversation with your customers. But unfortunately, email and SMS are mostly used as a one way communication platforms.

Not anymore, the game is again changing. 

Now WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and it does not want WhatsApp to be another SMS or Email marketing platform. They want to make sure the users are not spammed nor annoyed by so called 'Growth Hackers of WhatsApp Marketing'. 

Yet Facebook still wants to use the WhatsApp broadcasting feature, and to issue or communicate a broadcast to your customers, and your potential customers, by sticking to their policies, which I will be discussing with you later in this article.

How To Avoid Getting Banned by WhatsApp?

This is a broadcast message sent by a popular brand for Black Friday sale campaign. It's a sad fact that, even big brands still don't understand the policy of WhatsApp, and they are still trying to abuse this medium, like SMS or Email.

They just sent out an offer blindly, without getting any consent nor asked us to subscribe to their WhatsApp message.

They just scrapped the phone number, along with millions of other people's phone number, sent a broadcast.

Now, if you notice when people get a broadcast message, there are options that are displayed to block the sender,
and report the sender. This is where WhatsApp is giving power to the users, to decide whether they like the message or not.

If it is too promotional and sent without people's consent, your number will get blocked and you will not be able to send WhatsApp ever again. 

Now WhatsApp has this quality ranking mechanism.

Let's assume you are sending a broadcast message to 100 people and out of 100 people, nobody reported you or nobody blocked you, then your quality ranking will be green.

And just for the sake of example, if say 10 people blocked you, but 90 people did not block you, then your rating will go to yellow. When your rating drops, which means your deliverability, like even if you send it to one lakh people,
all of them will not recieve your message. WhatsApp will try to control the message that is being sent and will be sent to the smallest amount of people, to see if they are reacting positively. 

WhatsApp will deliver your message batch wise to a limited nunmber of people and be very cautious on how people are reacting to your brand. 

Now, if you are sending messages to 100 people, and 50 of them blocked you, then you are in red. Your quality rating will drop like crazy and at this point, WhatsApp might decide to block your phone number.

Again, this is a mechanism that WhatsApp has in place to control spam, but still a lot of people still upload videos, and post on social media saying that there's also a work around to it.

Don't try to game the system.

This is a beautiful opportunity for us, to have good conversation with our customers, and engage them and sell them more, but there are a few who want to abuse the system.

Even if you go ahead, use multiple phone numbers and start blasting messages, you have to apply to the WhatsApp API through your Business Manager. If they see that, you are using multiple phone numbers through your Business Manager, your Business Manager is also under risk and can get banned.

Companies like Facebook and Google have some of the smartest engineers working on their platforms and if you try to game them, they will respond to you accordingly. So we need to be very cautious when using this platform.

WhatsApp is a Two-Way Communication Platform

We know WhatsApp is a two way communication platform, which means you need to use it to have a conversation or start to trigger a conversation with your customer, and not for spamming them with promotional offers.

Now your goal is to focus on how you can start a conversation with your customer using a broadcast message. To make this work, we have come up with two play books. We call them Conversation Broadcast Playbooks.

Conversation Broadcast Playbooks

The ROI on Broadcast Playbooks is amazing. We have open rates close to 95% and response rates close to 40-45%.     

Under Conversational Broadcast Playbooks, we have:

i) Feedback Broadcast WhatsApp Message Playbook

ii) Permission Broadcast WhatsApp Message Playbook

In Feedback Broadcast WhatsApp Message Playbook, we start a conversation by asking people for a feedback, and when they reply with the feedback, we make them an offer at that very moment. Permission Broadcast WhatsApp Message Playbook also revolves around using an intent of starting a conversation.

A detailed video on how to how to execute each of this broadcast will be up in my youtube channel shortly. So don't forget to subscribe to Alpha Marketer YouTube channel and hit that like button.

It ensures you don't miss any videos from me, you can grow your business with WhatsApp Conversational Marketing.

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