How To Upsell Using Permission Broadcast Message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Broadcast For Business: How To Upsell Using Permission Broadcast Message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Broadcast For Business: How To Upsell Using Permission Broadcast Message on WhatsApp

If you’re an entrepreneur, an eCommerce owner, or an agency owner looking to send bulk messages to your customer list, then this article is for you.

We’ll dive deep into WhatsApp broadcasting - such as what is 'permission-based' WhatsApp broadcast is, how to safely use the 'bulk messaging' feature on WhatsApp without spamming your customers and getting blocked by WhatsApp, and how you can bring additional revenue to your eCommerce store month after month.

Don't Spam Your Customers On WhatsApp

We need to understand that WhatsApp has offered the official API for businesses to use broadcasting feature but with a condition. This platform should be not be misused like how most companies are misusing SMS and Email to spam their customer.

We need to adhere to the fact that, WhatsApp is a two way communication platform where you need to engage with your customers on a conversation in real time, using the power of chatbots and broadcast in the right way, unlike other mediums, where you are just broadcasting, and not engaging in a conversation.

Here's an example of a popular brand running a Black Friday Sale campaign. Unfortunately, even these big brands are not realizing the power of WhatsApp conversations. Instead, they are spamming their customers and using it like an SMS.

⚠️ Please note that when somebody's uploading their phone numbers, sending bulk messages randomly to people, where they receive unsolicited messages without their permission, they have the right to 'BLOCK' your number.

Sending a broadcast which is super promotional in nature, they have the power to decide if they want to click on the link or not. The power is now shifting from the supply side to demand side (i.e.) from the businesses to the customers. Now customers can decide what messages they want to see, which they don't want, and have the liberty to block your number forever.

Boost Your Sales With 'Permission-Based' Broadcast Strategy on WhatsApp

This is a simple strategy that you can follow where you are going to be much more welcomed by people than getting blocked on WhatsApp.

So how do we fix this?

We send something called a 'Permission-Based Broadcast', where we seek permission from customers, and if they allow, you can show them the offers. So, the goal here is to start a conversation.

The message can be [above image]:

'Hi [Customer Name],
you had purchased XYZ product a couple of months back.
As a way of thanking our customers for [Sale Name] occasion,
do you want to participate?'

Since you have the customer data, mentioning the product name adds personal touch to the message and becomes more personalized as if the brand is talking directly to the customer. The occasion can be anything of your wish
 and eventually the message ends by, asking them if they wish to participate.

It's a common behaviour to find people not to be sold, but when they are given choices in the form of 2 buttons (i.e.) 'Show Me The offers' and 'I Don't Want Offers' [see above image], they end up clicking on the former button.

Since you're not asking for money directly, using a subtle call to action compared to a 'Buy Now', they end up clicking on the button to check the offers out.

In most cases, refering to the past data, m
ore than 60% of people, click on 'Show Me The Offer' button.

Once the customer clicks, the bot is configured and replies back with all the discounts, great deals, scarcity element, and an XYZ expiry date  for the offer.

A simple yet powerful strategy that can save you a lot of time and money.

WhatsApp does not care what response you are giving. In the response, you can sell anything you want, but it's the first message where you need to be careful and should always start with a conversation.

Power Up By Combining WhatsApp and A Tele-Sales Team

💡 Here is a pro tip for you:- 

If your business has a tele-sales team to assist people to buy a product, then combining WhatsApp and tele-sales team is a great combination of making even more extra revenue faster.

Once we have the customer data with us and broadcast to the whole lot. There will be people who have agreed to seeing the offers, go ahead by clicking on the link, and add their details as well but somehow haven't moved forward with the purchase because they might be busy while they got this message.

Now give them a gap of 24 hours and wait for them to buy. We know that there are customers who have expressed their interest over getting an offer, so pass on the data to the tele-sales team and then they can be very smart enough to call these customers, and wish them on the special occasion.

We are building that personalization with our customers, valuing their time with us, and over the conversation, they can certainly pitch the offer and sell.

We do live in times where people are just a message away, yet so distant. Instead, just send a WhatsApp message, wish them, seek their permission, and close the sale.

Generated EXTRA $3024 (₹2.29 Lakhs) Within 90 Days -
Client Case Study

This is another case study of one of our eCommerce client.

We ran this 'Permission-Based' Broadcast campaign  as a festival sale. It was the occasion of Diwali and ran the campaign, from late October to first two weeks of November. We ended up generating an additional ₹2.29 lakhs in revenue.

This was an unexplored territory and our client did not use WhatsApp as a platform. We fixed it for him and added ₹2.29 lakhs extra onto the business revenue. So, whatever money is being generated here is additional for them. It's a bonus!!

The best part about running these campaigns are, the costs involved in broadcasting these messages are minimal, the return on investment is crazy. It's in thousands and getting returns in six figures.

In the above graph, during the beginning of the campaign, we were sending close to 2K-3K broadcast messages every day, rather than sending it in one shot.

Generally, WhatsApp has limits as to how much you can send, but when you're sending big quantities, WhatsApp won't be sending to all of them at once. Just be on the safer side, broadcast messages on small batches.

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